Bountiful Northampton

Beautiful, bountiful Northampton County, Virginia video from Northampton County Youtube channel

Corn Hopper

Located between two major bodies of water, the Atlantic Ocean and the Chesapeake Bay, Northampton County’s fertile soils, extensive marshes and productive waters have provided the foundation for an agricultural economy and a seafood industry that has spanned centuries and supported the inhabitants since the dawn of human occupation.

Northampton County residents value the scenic beauty of the agricultural and natural resources of the landscape, the abundant natural resources arising from the seaside and bayside waterways, the recreational use and enjoyment of the public lands and waterways, and the biodiversity of the wildlife habitats found within the County and adjacent environment.

Farms, large and small, are an integral part of the local and regional economy and development is directed away from productive farmland. Northampton County has continued its proud agricultural tradition and extended the traditional farming industry to include the production and marketing of organic and specialty farm products. The agricultural industry in the County is recognized as a vital segment of the economy and farmland is protected from encroachment by sensible land-use planning and through local and statewide programs. Aquaculture and seafood-related businesses are also a vital segment of the County's economy, and careful land-use planning has ensured that coastal waters have remained clean and productive and working waterfronts remain viable.

(Rearranged excerpts from the Northampton County Comprehensive Plan)



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Merlot Grapes

sweet potato and harvester
Morning glory grows on cornstalks
Sea Salt
Clams baskets on skiff
Oysters and wine
Wheat spikes and the rising sun.
Bushels of Oysters
Rapeseed field
Blue crab
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Goats at the gate
Figs in a basket
Oysters roasting on fire grate
Tractor and trees