Public Works

Vendors: If you would like to be considered for contracting work for the County, please fill out the Contractor Questionnaire. This link will take you to an online fillable form. Submitted forms will be directed to Chris Thomas, Director of Public Works. 

Department Information and Goals



The Department of Public Works is responsible for the operation of the Facilities Management, Harbors & Boat Ramps and Public Utilities Departments of the County. In addition, the Public Works Department manages capital improvement construction projects for the county.


The County manages the operation and maintenance of three water and wastewater treatment systems. These include water and wastewater systems serving the Government Complex in Eastville, the former middle school and school board administration office in Machipongo, and the Bayview Citizens for Social Justice housing complex. The Public Utilities Department includes two water and wastewater operators who monitor these systems on a daily basis. Utility activities are budgeted in a separate proprietary fund, but supervised by the Director of Public Works.

The Bayview Community water and wastewater systems were placed into operation in 2003. A contract waterworks operator operated these systems until 2009. At that time, the County took over this responsibility and assumed full operational control in 2012.

Starting in 2009 the Utility Department assumed the responsibility for the operation and maintenance of the water and wastewater treatment systems serving the Northampton County School Board Administration Building as well as the former Middle School. The equipment for these systems are over 60 years old but have been maintained fairly well. The wastewater system operates under a VDPES permit issued by DEQ. A Discharge Monitoring Report is submitted monthly to DEQ.

Following construction of the County Government Complex, the Utility Department began operating new systems to serve that facility, including a water distribution system consisting of an elevated water tower and three wells, and a sequencing batch reactor wastewater treatment plant.


The Facilities Management Department provides maintenance, repairs and minor alterations on all County-owned property, equipment and facilities other than vehicles and property owned by the school system. This department also provides grounds maintenance and custodial services for all county buildings and grounds. This department provides: basic maintenance, repairs and installation of building related mechanical equipment, electrical systems, plumbing, sanitation, furnishings, maintenance of interiors and exteriors of buildings, parking lots, fences and similar structures. This department also provides support to the emergency services department during hurricanes, winter storms and similar events.


The Harbors & Boat Ramps Department is responsible for maintenance at the County-owned harbors and marinas in Northampton County. These facilities are: Oyster Harbor, Willis Wharf Harbor and Morley’s Wharf Harbor. All of these harbors offer free public boat launching opportunities. Oyster Harbor has two floating docks, a kayak dock, sanitary facilities and two large parking lots to be maintained. The county also maintains a 10 slip marina opposite the Oyster harbor from the public boat launch with sanitary facilities. Each slip has water and electric connections available. Willis Wharf Harbor contains a 50 slip marina, sanitary facilities, water/electric availability, and a floating dock. Morley’s Wharf has a large fishing pier, sanitary facilities, a floating dock and a floating/fixed combination dock. The Morley’s Wharf Fishing Pier is free and open to the public. A saltwater fishing license is not required to fish from the pier. The license fee is paid by Northampton County.

Department Staff Information

Director - Chris Thomas, P.E.

Assistant Director –
Tim Smith

Maintenance I –
Elisha Townsend, Daniel Tittermary, Andrew Santucci, Richard Young
Maintenance II –
James Simpson, Andrew Pruitt
Maintenance III –
Bob Erwin, Robert Hole, Chuck Freudig

Water/Wastewater Technician –

Custodial Supervisor -
Mary Jane Goffigon
Custodian -
Terry Salenski, George Harmon, Cherron Bundick

Harbor Masters -
Kerry Tittermary: 757-710-1259
Bob Erwin: 757-678-0440 x580

Contact Information:
5181 Stumptown Drive
PO Box 66
Eastville VA 23347

Phone: 757-678-0414
Fax: 757-678-1284