Accomack-Northampton Regional Housing Authority

"Created by the County of Accomack and the County of Northampton, the Authority is tasked with providing safe, sanitary and affordable housing to low income residents of the Eastern Shore. The A-NRHA focuses on developing rental housing and manages the regional Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program. The Authority also owns several apartment complexes and continues work to provide a sufficient number of attractive and affordable rental units."

Eastern Shore of Virginia Housing Alliance

"Eastern Shore of Virginia Housing Alliance
The Alliance is a non-profit Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO). The Alliance focuses on preparing Eastern Shore residents for the responsibilities of homeownership. The Alliance also continues its vital work in reconstructing and rehabilitating houses that have no indoor plumbing."

Virginia Eastern Shore Economic Empowerment & Housing Corporation  

"For more than twenty years, the Virginia Eastern Shore Economic Empowerment Corporation has been serving residents of the Eastern Shore in providing technical support, creating dialogue for building community and provision of housing and business loans." 

Northampton County Department of Social Services Assistance Programs

Energy Assistance Programs: The Northampton County Department of Social Services administers programs to help with heating or cooling costs throughout the year for income eligible households. 

Project:HOMES available through  A & N Electric Cooperative

Project:HOMES improves lives by improving homes through energy-conservation work in the home. The organization’s work helps reduce energy loss, lowers energy consumption and improves the health and safety of the home. A home that is made more energy-efficient is also made more afford able. This free weatherization program prioritizes services to seniors, people with disabilities and families with children.

Community News Coverage for Affordable Housing in Northampton County 


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