Chesapeake Bay Impact Crater


The Chesapeake Bay Impact Crater informational video from the Northampton County, Virginia YouTube channel.

About 35 million years ago, a bolide (a comet or asteroid) about 1-3 miles wide slammed into the ocean off the eastern edge of the North American continent. Its impact formed a 25-mile diameter crater that now lies buried beneath the Chesapeake Bay. The center of the impact happened at the southern end of Northampton County near Cape Charles, Virginia. Watch the video to learn more about how this event impacted the Chesapeake Bay region. 



Chesapeake Bay Impact Crater Informational sign at Cape Charles Beach

If you visit Cape Charles at the southern end of the County, look for the informational sign near the fishing pier that describes the Impact Crater. While you're in Cape Charles, visit the Chesapeake Bay Impact Crater exhibit at the Cape Charles Museum and Welcome Center to learn more. The Cape Charles Museum is located at  814 Randolph Ave, Cape Charles, VA 23310.


An informational sign located near Cape Charles Beach explains the Chesapeake Bay Impact Crater. Photo Credit: Chesapeake Bay Foundation Flickr

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