Photo Credit: William Dyas
A sculpture of Neptune watches over the beach access on Bay Ave. in Cape Charles, VA.

The Neptune Maquette
Artist Paul DiPasquale
Cape Charles Beachfront northern end of the boardwalk near Washington and Jefferson Avenues

King Neptune is the smaller prototype of the larger bronze statue located in Virginia Beach, Virginia and sculpted by Paul DiPasquale. The statue depicts the mythological god Neptune and is located at the entrance of Neptune Park on the Virginia Beach boardwalk at Laskin Road. This sculpture weighs 12 tons and is listed as 24 feet or 34 feet tall. It was built and installed in 2005. The design consists of a 12-foot tall rock base surrounded by various fish, dolphins, lobsters, and octopuses. Above this base, the figure of Neptune begins, starting with his waist. Neptune holds a trident in his right hand and rests his left hand on a loggerhead turtle.

In 2015, the 7 foot maquette that served as a model for the sculpture was donated for display at the Cape Charles boardwalk.
The statue was donated by arts patron, Wyndham Price, who has worked with DiPasquale in the past to introduce visual art to public spaces in Virginia. It was installed on June 13, 2015.