Candidate Information

Local offices on the ballot for the November 7, 2023 Election

Clerk of the Court
Commonwealth’s Attorney
Commissioner of Revenue
Board of Supervisors Districts 4 and 5
School Board Districts 4 and 5
School Board At large
Soil and Water Conservation (2 positions)

First Things First

The road to getting your name on the ballot can sometimes seem very complicated. Before starting your journey, please become acquainted with the process. Stop by the Voter Registration Office, where we can walk you through the basics and supply you with any forms you need. Candidates should also read through the very helpful Candidate Bulletin published by the Department of Elections. This bulletin explains all the requirements, forms, policies, laws and best practices for aspiring candidates. It is the candidate’s responsibility to know and follow all such guidelines. There may be fines and legal consequences for not doing so. The staff at the Voter Registration Office is always happy to help candidates, but any mistakes you make are yours.

The Four Important Forms

In order for a candidate’s name to appear on the ballot, the following forms must be filed with the Voter Registration office. These forms are available in our office, or you can link to the form on the Department of Election’s website. The deadline for all paperwork is June 20, 2023, by 7 pm.



• A good first step is to start with petitions to gauge your prospects as a candidate. Local candidates must get 125 signatures from voters in their district. If you are an at large candidate, any Northampton voter can sign your petition. You will need to submit a Declaration of Candidacy along with your petition.

The Declaration of Candidacy, Certificate of Candidate Qualification and Petitions of Qualified Voters must all be notarized. We have notaries at the County offices that will do this free of charge during regular working hours.

Campaign Finance

Campaign finance is one of the most complicated issues for candidates. A good place to start is with the Department of Elections guidebook, Summary of Laws and Policies, Candidate Campaign Committees. It is important that every candidate understand the campaign finance process. As helpful as we like to be here at Voter Registration, we cannot give candidates any advice or help with their campaign finance reports according to Department of Elections guidelines.

Candidates for local offices must use the Comet campaign finance reporting system available through the ELECT website to file campaign finance reports. Even candidates who will be filing exempt (see below) have to create a Comet account so they can file a final report. Candidates will first fill out a Statement of Organization on COMET and will need to file a printed copy with the Voter Registration Office. COMET is a software program that works like other personal finance programs like Quicken and is available free from the Department of Elections website. It sends you email reminders when reports are due and generally makes campaign finance filing easier. Candidates are encouraged to follow all reporting deadlines or they will be fined. If you need a printer or a computer to use COMET, we can provide you one in the office.


• A candidate can be exempt from filing all scheduled reports except the final report if they do not take contributions and spend less than $1,000 of their own money during the campaign. Many local candidates use this option. Fill out the Exemption from Reporting form and turn it in to our office.

• Candidates must file a Statement of Organization (SOO) within ten days of filing a Certificate of Candidate Qualification; naming a campaign treasurer; creating a bank account; making their first expenditure; or accepting a contribution. Those who do not file a timely SOO will be fined.


Northampton County Political Sign Policy


While Northampton County recognizes that political signs are a free speech issue, it must balance that with remaining politically neutral and not appearing to favor one candidate or political party over another. Therefore, all political signage must adhere to the following considerations or they will be removed by the Voter Registration staff.

• All signs can only be displayed while there is in person absentee voting happening in the Voter Registration Office. In person voting hours run Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm beginning September 23, 2022, and ending Friday November 4th. We are also open the last two Saturdays before the Election, October 29th and November 5th from 9am to 5pm.

• All signs must be placed on the lawn in front of the Voter Registration Office, to the left side of the sidewalk if one were standing facing the building, (the side of the lawn with the crepe myrtle trees). The lawn to the right side of the sidewalk is private property, and signs are not permitted.

• All signs and other political activity must be outside the marked 40’ line, and cannot interfere or hinder members of the public using the sidewalk.

• Voter Registration staff will remove any signs that use vulgar, obscene or offensive language and/ or graphics.

• In the past, some voters or visitors to the County have helped themselves to signs. Voter Registration staff is not responsible for any lost or damaged signs or campaign materials. We are only responsible for removing signs/ campaign materials that are left up after 5 pm.

• Space for political activity on the lawn is first come, first served. Voter Registration Staff has no say if there are more signs for one candidate/ party than the other.

Department Staff Information

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