Code Enforcement

The Code Compliance and Building Inspector also enforces the following county ordinances: 

Open Dumps (see Solid Waste Chapter 50.04B)
Overgrown Grass (see Nuisances Chapter 94.01)
Dangerous Structures (see Nuisances Chapter 94.03) 
Abandoned or Inoperable Vehicles (see Chapter 92)

A full list of Northampton County ordinances can be found at 
American Legal Northampton County Codes

The Process

The code enforcement process is typically initiated:

  • in response to a complaint by an individual;
  • observation of a code violation by County staff

How do I notify the County about a possible code violation?

You may file a complaint about a possible code violation for the above ordinances that code enforcement enforces in person, in writing, by phone or email. In an average year, the County receives numerous complaints related to possible code enforcement violations.
Please be prepared with specific information, such as:

  • the address of the property,
  • detailed description of the situation, and
  • the length of time you have observed the situation.

You do not have to identify yourself, but providing your name will assist us with follow-up and ensure we have all the information we need to investigate the situation. Per the Freedom of Information Act code, unless you request confidentiality all provided information "name, address, phone number, etc." is subject to disclosure. 


To report any violation please contact 757-678-0445 ext. 526 or email the Code Compliance and Building Inspector.

Staff Information

Susan McGhee

757-678-0443 ext. 541

[email protected]

Zoning Administrator


John Outten
Building Official

757-678-0443 ext. 525

[email protected]

Planner/Community Redevelopment Specialist

Rodney Braxton
Development Inspector

757-678-0443 ext. 542

[email protected] 

Building Inspector

Forest Flynn
Code Compliance Inspector 

757-678-0443 ext. 526

Environmental Outreach & Floodplain Manager

Jennifer Sayers 
Building Permit Technician

757-678-0443 ext. 543

[email protected]

Carolyn Duffy
Zoning Permit Technician

757-678-0443 ext. 524

[email protected]

Olivia Bennett
Administrative Clerk 

757-678-0443 ext. 544

[email protected]

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Eastville, VA 23347

Hours of Operation
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