How to display your 911 address

How to Properly Display Your 9-1-1 Address
Posted on 05/01/2024

How to Properly Display your 911 Address

1. Posting your address number on your mailbox makes it easier for responders to find you, but remember, numbers should be posted on both sides of the mailbox.

2. Responders may need to find you at night. Illuminate any numbers on your house at nighttime. Numbers on a mailbox or post at the end of your driveway should be reflective and on a highly contrasting background to ensure they're easy to see at night.

3. When creating 9-1-1 address number signs, use numbers that are at least 3 inches high.

4. If your house is not visible from the road, it is important that you post numbers on a sign, post, or pole so they can be clearly seen from the road. It is not recommended that you post the number on a gate or fence at the driveway because those numbers aren't visible when the gate is open If your driveway leads to more than one address, post all numbers at the end of the driveway. Then post the correct number on each house or building.

5. Remember to frequently trim any bushes, weeds, flowers or grass away from your signs so that all numbers are clearly visible. If you have hanging flowers, flags or other items on your porch that block your 9-1-1 address numbers from being seen quickly by responders, move them.

6. If your mailbox is located on a  community post with other mailboxes it is extremely important that you post  your address at the end of your driveway. It is difficult for an emergency responder to know which house is yours when there are shared mailboxes in the area and no signage in your driveway to identify your home.

7. KNOW YOUR 9-1-1 ADDRESS!  Your 9-1-1 address is used by first responders to locate you during an emergency., If you recently built a new home, live in rural area, or are unsure of 9-1-1 address, contact your county's 9-1-1 addressing coordinator to obtain it and to ensure your home is on the map.