Real Estate Records (Deeds)

The Clerk of the Circuit Court records, indexes and permanently stores all real estate records for the County of Northampton.



Clerk's Deed Calculation Cover Sheet

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Circuit Court Deed Calculation



Secure Remote Access to Land Records


Northampton County Circuit Court uses the Supreme Court of Virginia’s Online Remote Access to Land Records and offers limited access to the SRA – Secure Remote Access through subscription only.

Please start here: How to access the Secure Remote Access website

Subscription Agreement Application for Secure Remote Access

Availability of Records
• Deed index and images from 1997 to present
• Will Book index (from 1990) and images from 1997 to present
• Judgment records from 1997 to present
• Marriages
• General Miscellaneous
• Oversized Plats
• UCC-Financing Statements index from 1997 to present


Circuit Court Filing Fee Schedule

The following will provide you with information concerning filing and service fees for the Circuit Court Civil Division as well as other miscellaneous fees including the Clerk's fee Schedule for Deeds.

How to Calculate Civil Filing Fees for Circuit Courts

Department Staff Information

Hon. Traci L. Johnson, Clerk

Northampton County Circuit Court
5229 The Hornes
P.O. Box 36
Eastville, VA 23347-0036

Office: 757-678-0465
Fax: 757-678-5410

[email protected]

Connie H. Wilson
Deputy Clerk
Financial and Probate

[email protected]

Lauren M. Brown 
Deputy Clerk
Civil Division

[email protected]

Morgan W. Doughty
Deputy Clerk
Land Records

[email protected] 

Jessika N. Pruitt
Deputy Clerk
Land Records

[email protected]

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