Serve as an Officer of Elections

Serve as an Officer of Elections
Posted on 03/25/2019
Poll Workers Needed

Poll Workers NeededAre you interested in serving as an Officer of Election helping our voters in Northampton County? We will provide excellent training so you feel confident and competent to help our voters, and you will be paid a $115 stipend for Election Day.

While the day can be long, roughly 5:00 am to 8:30 pm, you will be will be working with a great team of Officers of Elections to ensure the integrity of the electoral process, the bedrock of America’s democracy. You will also be serving your community and helping many of your family, friends and neighbors exercise their right to vote.

We are now in the process of appointing Officers to a three year term. You always have the choice to work, or not work, any election, and you may withdraw at any point.
Please come into our office to fill out the paperwork and be given the oath of appointment. If you have any questions, please call the Voter Registration office at 678-0480, or email us.
Thank you for your interest.